Bean and corn salad

Corn and Bean Salad Recipe

Here's another great salad recipe from Raising the Salad Bar, which has become one of my favorite cookbooks.  This calls for black beans but the first time I made it I used pinto beans. The second time I made it I had black beans. Both times it was … [Read More...]

pasta with breadcrumbs

Pasta with Breadcrumbs from Lidia’s Italy

My youngest texted me from Australia the other day, where she's studying for a semester, because she was making olio e aglio (oil and garlic) pasta, which my former mother-in-law taught me how to make. It was funny that she was making that because … [Read More...]

snap pea and radish salad recipe

Snap Pea and Radish Salad Recipe

At the grocery store I saw snap peas and remembered this salad I had made a couple of years ago.  It just says spring to me!  This is from The Comfort Table (affiliate link) by Katie Lee Joel. There are some great recipes in there, both for main … [Read More...]

roast cauliflower

Roast Cauliflower Recipe

Last night I was barbecuing a steak and cooking a spaghetti squash in the oven. Looking through the vegetable drawer I spied half a cauliflower and decided I could bump up the heat on the spaghetti squash so I could roast the cauliflower at the same … [Read More...]

Random Lessons

Cooking Sunday

Sometimes the best way to save money is to do as much as you can on the weekends to make your week go more smoothly.  To that end, today I: Mixed up and refrigerated a tart crust to make a quiche later this week (recipe from Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from […]

Book Review: Family Feasts for $75 a Week

I’ve been remiss in my book reviews lately.  I’ve enjoyed the Owl Haven blog for quite some time and was thrilled when I heard Mary Ostyn had a cookbook coming out. I didn’t even try to get a review copy but went out and bought a copy as soon as I saw it at our […]

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Using Leftovers

Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Parmesan: One of the Ultimate Leftovers

I’m just guessing but I’m thinking Chicken Parmesan came about when someone like me made too many chicken cutlets.  You can turn them into pretty good chicken sandwiches (why else would they sell frozen breaded chicken patties?) and even Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. But I think the classic dish for leftover chicken cutlets has to be […]

homemade ranch dressing

Homemade Ranch Dressing

I keep tweaking this just slightly.  I’m lazy and found the original recipe of 1/2 cup this, 1/2 cup that and 6 Tbs (just 2 Tbs under 1/2 cup) to be a pain, so this last time I just made it with 1/2 cup each sour cream, buttermilk and mayonnaise. Came out great! And way […]

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