Spicy Shrimp

Spicy Shrimp from Dinner: A Love Story

I've had this recipe flagged since I bought the book Dinner: A Love Story and I finally got around to making it. These shrimp are delicious!  The combination of spices was intriguing to me: smoked paprika, cumin, curry powder, cayenne and a pinch of … [Read More...]

cornbread salad from a gracious plenty

Cornbread Salad from A Gracious Plenty

I heard about this cookbook on the Chowhound home cooking board. (Warning: This board can do serious damage to your cookbook budget!)  Even though it didn't win the "cookbook of the month" (where everyone cooks and reviews recipes from the same … [Read More...]

apple walnut cake

Mom’s Apple Walnut Cake

I have this recipe on an old recipe card in my Mom's handwriting.  I used to make it when the girls were little and our apple trees were bursting with fruit...then somehow I didn't make it anymore. I ran across it the other day and had just picked … [Read More...]

zucchini and rice tart

Lidia’s Zucchini and Rice Tart

My niece is coming for dinner tonight and I thought it would be fun to have something to nibble on while I'm fixing dinner.  I saw this zucchini and rice tart and thought it sounded good and would taste fine the next day so I made it last night. I … [Read More...]

Random Lessons

How to Peel Fresh Tomatoes

In the past, I’ve mostly just passed on the whole idea of peeling tomatoes. I mean, I don’t mind the skins and I’m sure, as my mother always said, that the skins hold lots of the vitamins and other good-for-you things. But sometimes you want the finer aspect of skinned tomatoes. I would put on […]


Valentine’s Day Help: Playdough Hearts

When the girls were little, we tried to make something each Valentine’s Day. But it’s a challenge to not spend too much money, have something they can make, and have it be something everyone enjoys. We made airplanes out of chewing gum sticks one year (wrapped so the recipient could chew the gum!), various pretzel […]

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Using Leftovers

Salmon Cakes from Leftover Salmon

I stole a recipe from my all time favorite The Fannie Farmer Cookbook: Anniversary and turned crab cakes into salmon cakes tonight, using the salmon leftover from last night, breadcrumbs and all. Another hit! This actually came out a bit moister than necessary. It tasted absolutely wonderful but might have been a bit easier to […]

Turkey Enchiladas

I almost always make a batch of turkey enchiladas when I cook a turkey. I’ve posted my recipe for turkey enchiladas on the main CheapCooking site so I won’t repeat it here. You can use canned enchilada sauce of course, but I find the homemade sauce just as good and it gives me the flexibility […]

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