zucchini and rice tart

Lidia’s Zucchini and Rice Tart

My niece is coming for dinner tonight and I thought it would be fun to have something to nibble on while I'm fixing dinner.  I saw this zucchini and rice tart and thought it sounded good and would taste fine the next day so I made it last night. I … [Read More...]

cream scones with cranberries

Cream Scones with Sweetened Dried Cranberries

When my girls were young, some other neighborhood moms and I would walk downtown really early on Saturday mornings to a certain coffee shop that had the best scones. My favorites were the cranberry ones. I've tried baking scones multiple times and … [Read More...]

Pork and Mango Kebabs

Pork and Mango Kebabs

I picked up a copy of Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food by Nigel Slater. It has over 600 recipes for those times "you just want to eat" without futzing around too much.  In addition to the sandwich I made earlier with chicken, avocado and an herb … [Read More...]

Random Lessons

Book Review: Family Feasts for $75 a Week

I’ve been remiss in my book reviews lately.  I’ve enjoyed the Owl Haven blog for quite some time and was thrilled when I heard Mary Ostyn had a cookbook coming out. I didn’t even try to get a review copy but went out and bought a copy as soon as I saw it at our […]

cutting an onion

How to Dice Potatoes and Onions

In many recipes, you are called upon to slice or dice or chop potatoes. A long time ago, I learned that taking a bit of time to be methodical up-front to save a lot of time (and get more even pieces). Early in my cooking days, I just chopped wildly, rocking the knife back and […]

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Using Leftovers


Chicken Panini Sandwich with Roasted Red Peppers

I really made too many chicken cutlets the other night. However, they are good simply reheated.  Last night I used some up in a Chicken Divan casserole.  For lunch today, my daughter took a simple salad with some chopped romaine lettuce mixed with Ranch dressing and a chopped chicken cutlet. She loved it. Today for […]

Turkey Hash

How is it that you can take the same three basic ingredients from Thursday and turn them into something that tastes different? Even though I didn’t cook the turkey this year, my sister generously sent me home with some leftover turkey and gravy. Dinner last night was my youngest’s favorite: turkey hash. I used frozen […]

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